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The Bronx Flavor – Events in the Bronx NYC

The Bronx, NYC is one of the city’s five boroughs and, as with the other four, the Bronx is an intriguing and exciting world of its own when it comes to events. There are more yearly events taking place in the Bronx than is possible to list adequately so we will highlight by month those that we feel enhance the unique flavor of the Bronx; even though this leaves out so many other fantastic “must see” Bronx events.

January: The Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show.
So, we flagged this for January, but the Holiday Train Show is a favorite tradition for New Yorkers and lasts from late November through late January. An absolute must for model train fanciers or anyone fascinated with the beauty of New York City. Be warned: make reservations because this is a popular event!

February: NYC Must-See Week.
Starting in late January and running through the first week in February, Must-See Week is a must attend for those wanting to get a feel for the cultural richness of the Bronx.

March: The Orchid Show.
Another fabulous event that takes place in the stunning New York Botanical Garden, The Orchid Show, running March through April, highlights a massive display of thousand of different and beautiful Orchids.

April: Kids Week – Insect Exploration.
A great way to get your kids out into the fresh air and to develop an appreciation of the delicate and fascinating world around us. All are welcome – the program is designed for children under twelve.

May: Bronx Week.
Don’t miss this celebration of the Bronx, the institutions and people who contribute to its unique character.

June: East 204th Street and Bainbridge Avenue Festival.
Don’t miss this multi day shindig with family friendly events. A great way to immerse yourself into Bronx culture. All activities are free, and the streets are pedestrian friendly.

July: The Farmers Markets Open.
The farmers produce is starting to roll in so get set for the Bronx “Green Market Days” of which there are several starting in July and running through the summer. You can catch the Lincoln Hospital Green Market, the Poe Park Green Market and many others.

August: Beach Day Riviera Nights Street Games.
Ditch the technology and enjoy REAL quality time visiting with your family and neighbors. Sponsored by the Friends of Pelham Bay Park, this event promises great fun as games of yore are reintroduced to the next generations, often with hysterical results.

September: Dinosaur Safari at the Bronx Zoo!
A new attraction at the Bronx Zoo, dinosaurs are a perennial favorite for children of all ages. Explore the intricately detailed habitats of some of the earth’s earliest inhabitants.

October: Halloween Events, Pumpkin Painting!
Bring your mastery of scary painting skills down to the United We Stand Community Garden and share spooky pumpkin painting tips and techniques with your friends and neighbors. (Free).

November: The Bronx Zoo.
Most museums in and around New York city are either free admission or donate what you can. A sure fire hit with the family at this time of year is the Bronx Zoo!

December: Little Italy Tree Lighting.
Don’t miss this if you want to be inspired by the real meaning of Christmas!

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