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Things to do in the Bronx NYC

When it comes to the boroughs of New York City, most of us are at a loss, at least until we Google the subject. But there’s one thing that virtually everyone knows about New York City the moment they hear it and that’s the world famous “Bronx accent.” But there is much more to the Bronx than the accent. Did you know New York City has five main boroughs and the is the northernmost? Just to the Southwest lies its much more famous neighbor, Manhattan. But don’t underestimate the Bronx when it comes to fun things to do! Here is a brief list we’ve compiled.

The subway.
It’s easy for the beginner to get confused by the sheer scope of the NYC subway system but take heart, even the newest newbie can find their way around in no time at all. And if you decide to go on this adventure then be sure to pay attention to one of the most beautifully decorated subway stations anywhere, right in the Bronx.

Yankee Stadium
Baseball fan or no, Yankee stadium is a national landmark that you simply must see when visiting the Bronx. There’s more history packed into this stadium than most – Babe Ruth played here back in the day. In fact, in 1923 fans wanted the stadium renamed to “Ruth Stadium” but the owners and the fans compromised, and it is traditionally known as “the House that Ruth Built.”

City Island
Its own little world within the Bronx, City Island is a 1.5-mile-long island in the Long Island Sound. Tons of history and more abound on this little treasure. Once home to oyster-beds and shipbuilding, the island became a critical hub for the manufacture of minesweepers during WWII. Today, of course, you will find it a pleasant area to spend a day with beautiful architecture and wonderful restaurants.

Little Italy
If you want the real flavor of old Europe in the heart of New York City, then you must visit Arthur Avenue, otherwise known as “Little Italy.” Boasting small town charm and some of the finest cuisine anywhere, Little Italy has a breadth and depth of Italian cooking that rivals Italy itself. Do you like fine Italian wine? Then you will know you are in the right spot! Be sure to bring your appetite!

The New York Botanical Garden
Be sure to save time to visit the New York Botanical Garden. This stunning 250 garden was declared a national landmark in 1967. On its grounds you will discover over a million plants and events to join. Every day something new is happening at the New York Botanical Gardens, you are sure to enjoy this adventure.

You could stay a week in the Bronx and still not have experienced even a fraction of what this special place has to offer. Hopefully you will find this short list a perfect jumping off point for many more exciting adventures!

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