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Things to Do in Yonkers, NY

Located on the Hudson River, Yonkers offers visitors plenty of activities to enjoy while they are in this city. If you are looking for some fun and exciting things to do while visiting Yonkers, check out this list of great activities. There are plenty of things to do for people of all ages in Yonkers, NY.

Untermyer Gardens
For most people, the Untermyer Gardens is one of the best gems to see in Yonkers. There are different areas that organized based on a specific theme, which showcases the various flora and fauna native to Yonkers. The different areas of the Untermyer Gardens include the Temple of Love, the Rock Garden, the Sundial Garden, and the Walled Garden. This is an awesome way to spend the day outside.

The Science Barge
There are some sites that people always talk about, but then there are those unique gems that you need to see while you are here. The Science Barge is a functioning farm as well as an interactive science museum. What’s very unique about this museum (aside from the fact it’s on a barge) is that it is exclusively powered by renewable energy sources and supports sustainable food production. This is a self-sustaining farm that is organic and doesn’t impact the environment. The produce grown here is donated to a local church as well. If you’re fascinated by renewable energy or just want to see a cool science museum, this is a great place.

Ridge Hill
Ridge Hill is a shopping center that can give you plenty of options in one location. You can shop at both brand name stores or local boutiques when walking around this outdoor location. There are also quite a few dining options for you to choose from as well. Plus, during the summertime there are so many outdoor events that go on here including outdoor movie nights.

iFly is one of the newest locations on this list, and easily one of the most exciting. This is an indoor skydiving center, where visitors can wear a skydiving suit and fly around indoors in an environment that stimulates the feel of skydiving but in a much safer and controlled environment.

Glenview Mansion
The Glenview Mansion once belonged to the John Bond Trevor family, preserved for the purpose of telling the story of Yonkers. While it sits apart from the museum, it is still considered to be part of the larger Hudson River Museum group. You can visit 6 rooms in this mansion, each with period appropriate pieces with signage that talks about the historic details about the house.

Hudson River Museum
Speaking of the Hudson River Museum, this is a one-stop location for various top-notch collections and galleries to visit. In addition to the Glenview Mansion, you can visit the planetarium and amphitheater in addition to all of the great exhibits here.

Empire City Casino
Since this casino is located at the famed Yonkers Raceway, there is plenty more to do here than just play on the gaming floor. There are various restaurants as well as live shows (including musical performances) that you can enjoy here. Plus, you there are live races to watch here.

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