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Washer and Dryer Repair Services in Greenville, NY

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Washer and Dryer Repairs For When Your Home Needs It Most

We provide a washer and dryer repair service capable of cutting to the heart of the problem and restoring your equipment to full working order. Washer not working? Damaged dryer? Call us today to find out how we can fix it and get your clothes smelling fresh again.

Washers and dryers have an essential part to play in the smooth running of your home. Not only do they keep your family in clean clothes, but they also work hard on your bedding, soft furnishings, and any other suitable home textiles. The average washing machine is used at least five days out of seven – so when it stops functioning correctly it doesn’t take long for the dirty clothing – and the stress – to back up.

When you find yourself in need of a washer and dryer repair service, don’t panic! We are experienced expert appliance repair technicians who get the job done quickly.

Why Has Your Washer Or Dryer Stopped Working?

Many things can go wrong with a household washer and dryer, whether you have a combined machine or two separate ones. If your Washer and dryer does any of the following then it is time to schedule a repair:

• If it stops draining away dirty water then you may have a blockage somewhere, contact us, and we can diagnose the problem for sure.
• If your machine(s) no longer spin there may be a problem with either the drum or the electronics. Call us for our washer and dryer repair service before you buy a new machine.
• It won’t stop spinning! Unplug the machine and call us!
• The machine(s) are smoking or moving excessively while I use there may be an issue, better safe than sorry. A malfunctioning machine is a fire hazard so get that washer/dryer repair fast.
• The machine(s) are dripping water.
• If you have had the washer/dryer for a few years and it is starting to perform poorly, then a repair is definitely in order.

Reputable Washer & Dryer Repairs 7 Days A Week!

Whether you are relying on our standard washer and dryer repair service, or whether it is an emergency callout situation, we can be there on any day of the week, at a time that suits you. We will diagnose the problem for you and, should you want to hire us to complete the job afterward, we will waive our diagnostic fee, so you only have to pay for the parts and labor it took to get the repair done.

Our professional appliance repair technicians are thoroughly trained and extremely experienced when it comes to washer and dryer repairs. We use the best in equipment coupled with in-depth training techniques that will ensure your machines are fixed to a level of excellence that won’t leave you out of pocket, or out of a washer/dryer! When it comes to electronics, DIY jobs or unskilled laborers should never be a consideration. Electronic equipment presents a risk of fire when incorrectly repaired, so don’t take chances with your family’s safety and call in the experts, instead.

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